We choose what thoughts grow in our mind. NLP helps us to understand our thoughts and emotions.

NLP Practitioner

What is NLP?

The essence of NLP means:

  • Neuro – how we make sense of the world through our thoughts.

  • Linguistic – language patterns we use.

  • Programming – patterns of behaviour.


NLP is a coaching tool for changing thoughts and behaviours, to help achieve desired outcomes in life.

We, ourselves, decide what thoughts we want to have nurtured and thriving in our minds.

As your NLP Practitioner, I will assist you in achieving the change in thought patterns you are wanting to address.

“I want to thank Life Coach extraordinaire, Trish Beauchamp for a very intuitive, heartfelt, caring, and revelatory session this morning.

Thank you Trish for helping me see and feel the connection to my ‘Fear of being Ridiculed’ which has been a Boulder on my path of bringing my business into the big wide world.

To anyone, if you need some of your “boulders’ removed, I highly recommend Trish who is gentle and so loving, caring, empathic, and fun too.”