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How would your life change if you won the big Lotto Draw?

Updated: Mar 4

I often hear the wishful phrase, “I’ll have that when I win the Lotto.

Stories abound of how people’s lives changed for the worse by winning millions. One theory is that lottery winners spend or lose a massive payout according to their financial context. Dave Fisher, a financial planner, explores this in his book “Destination Wealth.”

The stories of winners who experience the positive rewards of a sudden windfall generally speak of changes that do not conflict with their values around money. Their satisfaction with life is enhanced because their choices have expanded, but they continue maintaining their commitments to the people they care about, their careers, and community service.

Does the secret to winning in life have more to do with maintaining our values and connections than it has to do with our financial status?

Martin Luther King Jr. preached about our lives having length, breadth, and height. There are various interpretations of his sermon “The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life.” These are my thoughts: the length is the connection with self  -  our inner dependence; the breadth is the connection with others  -  our interdependence; the height is the connection with God/ higher self /philosophy  -  our spiritual beliefs.

When we live true to our values and principles, and all three dimensions work together harmoniously, we experience life satisfaction. I have heard it said, ‘Our values are the game we are attempting to win. The principles we live by determine the rules we apply and how honorable we play the game with considering other people.‘

Having a bucket list allows us to think outside the box. Living in a world of possibility is a healthy way to view life. I encourage people to live in the present and make life choices that reflect how they want their lives to be in the future. When choices align with our values and the three dimensions of a complete life, we can experience daily wins — with or without a windfall of money.

How would your life change if you won the big Lotto draw?

What’s stopping you from experiencing some of those changes now? Live your best life - it doesn't require winning the Lotto. Trish



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