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Enjoy fun-filled moments with these three essential ingredients.

Updated: Jan 27

Making snow angels in the sand may not qualify as fun for you, but much laughter was involved in this spontaneous moment I had with a friend. “…prioritizing fun is like going on a diet that requires you eat more foods that you love.” Catherine Price, “The Power of FUN” Catherine’s book reads both as a research document and a menu for creating healthy moments of fun and fulfillment in your life. How would you define fun? This was a question that Catherine proposed to a global group of volunteers and concluded there is a universal definition for True Fun that is consistent with people and contexts: fun happens when we experience a combination of playfulness, connection, and flow. These states are not dependent on any specific activity — everyone experiences their authentic fun moments.

Playfulness: Play depends less on the activity itself and more on having a playful state of mind. With True Fun, laughter is usually a key ingredient.

Connection: People described feeling they were having a fun experience with someone when they felt connected with themselves at the same time. Connection can also be with nature, with a pet, or even a solitary activity. Flow: True Fun can only be experienced when we give full attention to each moment. Staying in the flow requires being present and free from distractions such as devices pinging notifications, or unnecessary multitasking. Experiencing moments of True Fun will have you feeling happier, without needing to pursue a specific goal to attain happiness.

In her book, Christine acknowledges restrictions were imposed on fun activities during the peak of the recent global pandemic.

I was reminded of the extended lockdown we experienced in 2021. My ‘playground’ of Latin dancing, gym classes, and walking with friends was closed indefinitely. To compensate for my lack of fun times with others I started creating daily posts to share on my Facebook page as Lockdown Laughs. The post that received the most emojis and comments was the one video I made of me playing solo hopscotch — that was True Fun!

Creating a flow of humorous images to share with friends disrupted the sense of isolation I was feeling at that time and also discouraged mindless scrolling on social media. Junk flow, like junk food, does not nourish our mind, and soul. "Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life; it is the pathway to it" Martha Beck How can you add playfulness, connection, and flow to your activities today? Your well-being will thank you — mind, body, and soul. Trish: Life Coach & Counsellor



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