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Be the skittle or be the ball in life ...

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

the choice is yours.

Playing 10-pin bowling has always been a challenge for me with thinking, ‘What ball should I choose? What if I let down my team by scoring poorly? Will I be laughed at if I send the ball into the gutter?’

I used to have this same attitude in the game of life and that created undue stress and anxiety. There was always a ‘what if…’ concern, fearing my life choices would impact others negatively. I realise now I feared making a life decision that others would not approve of.

Having the perspective of being the ball in life, rather than the skittle changed the rules of the game for me.

What does being the skittle in life mean?

1) Bowling pins (skittles) are the target of the bowling ball – do you want to be the target of someone wanting to knock you down?

2) Skittles are always placed in the same formation to enhance the success of the ball strike. The bowler becomes more skilled with practice, the skittles become more vulnerable to being bowled. Are you feeling like a sitting target in a current relationship with a person, work, or cultural environment?

3) Skittles are a uniform shape, size, weight, and colour – there is no uniqueness of style or opportunity to be something different. Are you living a life of your choosing or someone else’s influence?

4) Skittles always await being knocked down, again, and again – they serve no other purpose. No one is deserving of experiencing continual knocks in life.

What does being the ball in life mean?

1) The ball is always moving – it may not hit the target of skittles with the first shot, but there is momentum in every roll of the ball. Movement forward in life is about heading in a chosen direction. The journey is more important than the destination.

2) When one skittle is struck, others close by are knocked down also. The achievement of solving one life challenge causes a ripple effect that eliminates others.

3) Different balls are designed according to the size of a person's hand span and preference of weight. In life, be the ball that fits you best, and your success and your team players' success will increase.

4) Skilled 10-pin bowlers don't aim the ball at the skittles, but rather at the target arrows on the lane. Aiming at a spot on the lane rather than the 10 pins which are situated at the very end of it brings a more consistent winning shot. To successfully attain a life goal; focus your aim on the direction to where you want to go - and create achievable targets to guide your progress on the way.

I’m not sure I will achieve being an asset to a bowling team, but I will always be rolling the ball forward in the game of life and having fun on the way!

What is your choice? Will you decide to be the skittle or the ball? Please contact me if I can assist you to be and do in life what you want to be and do. Trish



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