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Boarding bus 96 ...

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

... 11th-hour life lessons.

On a recent trip, with a friend, walking or boarding buses was how we explored Paris.

One night, whilst finding our way home a number 96 bus appeared. I recalled it passed our destination and we quickly boarded. But, it soon became evident we were heading in the opposite direction to where we intended!

Awareness #1 When you realise you are not getting to where you want to go in life there’s always a stop button to press and a door will open for you.

After exiting the bus, we successfully boarded another, travelling in the opposite direction. All we had to do was cross the road.

Awareness #2 To change where you are heading in life requires a decision to cross over to another way of thinking, and a different direction of doing.

The second bus was the last one running that night and 10.30 pm proved to be a popular time. We needed to strategically create space to be able to board, joining the throng of tightly packed passengers.

Awareness #3 Many people leave decision-making until the 11th hour. The opportunity for choices becomes limited as the clock ticks - endeavour to be decisive in the light of day rather than with limited night vision and overcrowding of thoughts.

Once we were safely on the correct bus my mind started to churn out thoughts of self-blame, for inconveniencing my travel buddy by making the wrong call. In fact, she wasn’t bothered by the experience — that’s the value of authentic friendship.

Awareness #4 Allow self-compassion and humour when a decision you make may momentarily impact others, negatively. An ability to laugh at yourself is key – and to be ok when life doesn’t go ok.

Maybe there is no ‘wrong call’, but knowing we can change direction when we realise we are not heading where we want to go. A new route is always available to us and those travelling with us.

Journeying life is an adventure of a lifetime! We can choose to change our current circumstances. We decide where we want to go.




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