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First quarter is done and dusted ...

Updated: May 2, 2022

What’s the next quarter of the year looking like, for you?

*The first quarter time signal in a sports game indicates there are three quarters remaining to achieve a win.

*The first quarter of a pizza eaten promises three quarters remaining to enjoy for yourself or share with others.

*The first quarter phase of the moon is when we see half the moon illuminated and the other half in shadow.

The first quarter of a calendar year elicits different responses for everyone.

For some, there will be self-reflection on progress made with achieving New Year resolutions and meeting business goal deadlines.

For others, it highlights the continued drudgery or challenges of unsatisfactory life routines.

What does turning the calendar page to April mean for you?

For myself, the quarter fractional pieces of a year are reviewed by acknowledging the attainment of wellness, wonder, and wisdom wealth.

Did I meet my goals for the first three months of 2022? Actually, this year I didn’t write specific goals, and yet I’ve achieved more success in business and personal growth in this first quarter than I would have if I had set a finite goal to work towards … maybe that’s why it feels significantly fabulous.

For the next quarter of this year, there’ll be fractions of my time that can be invested in different opportunities. With COVID restrictions easing I’ll enjoy more social events –and autumn rains will require more frequent lawn mowing before I don my dancing shoes. On reaching the end of the second quarter — the halfway landmark — my sense of achievement will be reviewed according to how I am enjoying my relationships (and they are enjoying me), career advancement and satisfaction, and my well-being; mind, body, and soul. Each fractional part of my life will create the whole!

How do you want the next quarter of the year to be, for you?

If you are wanting to achieve certain’ wins’ in the game of life this year– there are three more quarters to secure the score result you desire.

If you enjoy pizza or other pleasure experiences — be mindful and grateful as you partake of them.

If you consider the alignment of first-quarter achievements with the phase of the first quarter moon you may have experienced ‘... the balance of light and shadow reflecting the obstacles you’ll start to encounter as you bring your intentions to life. Go with the flow of life — embrace the yeses and takes the no’s as a signal for redirection… ’(1)

Whatever your response and self-reflection of these first few months, you always get to choose how you spend each calendar day. Make them count for you, how you want them to.

Live your life -it’s yours to live.




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