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Ready or not ... December has arrived!

The month of December has a way of arousing emotions that are attached to significant calendar dates. Maybe it’s the deleted name on the gift list or an overwhelming ‘to-do’ list this time of year. Maybe it's the distaste of consumer overload and religious practices you have no interest in.

For many of us, Christmas week heralds joyful connections with family and friends, and if that changes we feel the loss of familiarity and tradition.

The first Christmas week I was alone required making new choices. Christmas celebrations had always involved being with family. With accepting a marriage ending, and daughters now creating their own family connections overseas, I tangibly felt the absence of their human presence… but feeling free from the stress of preparations was a fresh experience.

Maintaining family traditions and sourcing comparably priced gifts and contributions to the Christmas feast had previously felt like a measure of my success as a wife, mother, and family member. I was consciously aware I had been perceiving that role as being my sense of value. I’m thankful I have learned to celebrate the value of who I am, without a role attached!

Creating new holiday traditions can ease the ache of facing Christmas with change and loss, or circumstances out of your control.

This year, family relationships may still be strained … the budget for gifts and food may be less than in previous years … travel costs may prevent family gatherings … the weather may spoil planned events…

What can be guaranteed? 25th December — 1st January happens every year!

Approaching these dates with anticipation of delightful moments but also accepting there may be disappointing and despairing moments allows us to experience the essence of Christmas; joy, peace, and love. Live your life the way you want to live your life!




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